(Required for Returning participants) Additional Semester Circle, Pre-Departure Orientation

by Verto Education Community - Spring 2023

Virtual Pre-Departure Orientation (Required) Additional Semester C...

Tue, Jan 10, 2023

6 PM – 7 PM EST (GMT-5)

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Note: Time is 3pm PT | 4pm CT | 6pm ET

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Tuesday January 10: 3-4pm PT | 6-7pm ET

Prior to departing for your Spring 2023 study abroad experience with Verto, attend Pre-Departure Orientations!

There are 3 required sessions: the Global Orientation/ Second Semester Circle, Location Orientation, and Care Team Circle. All students MUST attend all 3 Orientation sessions to start their study abroad experience with Verto Education.

During the Second Semester Circle, we will cover the following:

-Goals for a 2nd semester
-Academic updates
-Health and Safety Refresh
-Time for Q+A
-Location Breakout Rooms

Plan to attend with a computer, laptop or ipad (not a cell phone), ready to engage and meet your new community!

For full Pre-Departure Schedule, visit vertoeducation.org/orientation

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